Time tracking software for companies

Performance Management Solution

A time sheet is a method for recording the amount of a worker's time spent on each job (Wikipedia).

Are your employees using their time productively? Are you producing successful, cost-effective results for your clients? In business, time is everything. Without effective timesheet software, your business is losing money.

software tracks your employees' actions for you, so you can focus on making your business more streamlined and effective. Our Rule-based timesheet minimizes the front end reporting errors and compliance issues. An approval mechanism allows managers to approve employee timesheets before it is routed to the accounting.

The basic expectations from a timesheet system are:
  • Tracks Employees and Project time
  • Allows for Manual and Automated Approvals
  • Provides Management Reports to measure Productivity
  • Contains Rule based edit checks to reduce mistakes
  • Integration with Employee Management and Accounting Software
TimesheetBro Timesheet and Expense's intuitive and easy-to-use interface means that management and employees both are equipped to understand and analyze the tasks that consume their time and efforts, therefore identifying and isolating areas and directions for improving productivity.

  • Easy & Transparent System
  • Real Time Data processing
  • Minimum Master definition
  • Monitor Project Status
  • To the Point Report
These are customised applications/ modules for personalized needs.
Hence, we would like to give you personal attention to serve your custom needs.

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