Treatment Plan
Denta Bro has a unique Treatment Planning module allowing you to generate plans in an easy to read format automatically from chatting. The Treatment Plan also has a useful link with the appointment book where all planned visits, and duration times are used to make an appointment and number a click or two of the mouse. A great feature that improves efficiency and time management in your practice.You can also schedule the treatment in consultation with the number them accordingly on their plan to maximize case acceptance.

Denta Bro allows you to be in control of your appointment book. Operating like a real diary, it helps you create that perfect day by using pre blocked procedures to maximise production time from your daily chair time. The convenient toolbars and the exclusive drop down calendar helps you navigate through the appointment book, search for open times,organise appointments.

Patient Details
Records all personal information including name,contact details,auto alerts on medical conditions, allergies and much more. Denta Bro also lets you store a picture of your patients to their files which helps you put a face to the name. Denta Bro records dental problem of the patient, and medical history as well. The same information can be extracted as and when required with very less efforts.

Dental Imaging & Records
Denta Bro is built to store all types of images captured through commercial x-ray and other imaging systems available in the market. This module provides a very easy way to launch the x-ray system and display images to promote patient education and understanding of clinical situations. A picture is worth a Thousand Words.
As patient understanding of the treatment plan increases, so does their comfort level, and a case presentation is generally all that's necessary to gain treatment acceptance.

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