Sales Planning & Monitoring Solutions

Sales planning and monitoring solutions is an important aspect of business operation as it deals with the getting new customers. It is essential for all companies to identify new areas to extend activities and to work in a planned manner to capture new customers. The details of meetings and follows-ups , capturing all interactions with prospects, opportunity status and stages in the sales cycle should be properly maintained.

SalesBro is essential for both sales managers and representative. The sales efforts may go down the drain if the required feedbacks are not there and the team fails to do the proper homework. Data previously stored in the system may create a lot of difference by providing the insight into the nature and objectives of the customer's demand, thereby opening in a better way for concerned employees to address the need. The use of the latest collaborative can turn sales into a happy journey.

In the competitive sales scenario the companies need to update all the details of sales history and useful price quotes and standard templates for ready use. Lotus Notes Domino Workflow Application for Sales Force Automation is an efficient groupware system that enables companies to capture this data and process it within very short time. The system is secured and companies are sure to get an upper hand in business dealings with its use. The comprehensive package which can be tailored for differential needs enables the sales department to close more deals within available time.

  • Define Targets
  • Monthly New Sales
  • Prospect Manager
  • Sales Loss
  • Prospect Follow up
  • Prospect Report
  • Sales Personal Diary
  • Prospect History
  • Target vs. Actual
  • Sales Overview
  • Team Assessment
  • Feedback

These are customised applications/modules for personalized needs.
Hence, we would like to give you personal attention to serve your custom needs.

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