Dealership Management System

Dealership Management Solution

Dealership management solution assists automobile manufacturers to gain competitive advantage in the market by leveraging to implement their strategic vision.Their vision to get primary information from the market which lies at the dealership where customers see the product,make enquiries, express their voice exhibit their purchasing behavior.

Their basic expectation from DMS are :
  • Companies'process in sales and to be uniformly adopted by all dealer so that customer get the experience which company wants get to them.
  • All dealers should on a single platform , understanding the same language.
  • New products , spares , price updates , material updates from the company to dealer should be done without manual intervention.
  • Sales analysis region-wise to build/correct the strategy.
  • Have effective control on warranty and avoid repetitive work.
  • Integrating dealership data with company's ERP system.
AutoBro is designed based on industry's best practices and business process which every dealershipshould follow.It enforces delership to fallow the processes defined by the company without any extra effort.It is a comprehensive software package for auto mobile delearship.It has 5 modules: Admin, Pre sales, Vehicle sales, Spare and parts, and Services.This package has few add-one also to facilitate the dealers in their day to day transaction for example SMS Manager, Management Report,Data Transfer Facility between Dealership & Company etc.

  • Presales Management
  • Workshop Management
  • Vehicle Sales
  • SMS Manager
  • Inventory Management
  • Complied MIS
These are customised applications/ modules for personalized needs.
Hence, we would like to give you personal attention to serve your custom needs.

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