Complaint Resolution System for organization

Complaint Resolution & Tracking Solution

A Complaint Management System is one of latest productivity enhancement tools used widely by all organisations wherever there is a need of booking of complaints and analysis of complaints which are made or are pending.

Lack of paper movements provides complaint management operations a speed which was never envisaged in manual mode at all. Software allows a customer to book and lodge complaints and automatically schedules and prompts to source complaint to concerned departments. For ISO-certified companies, effective handling of customer complaints is not just a matter of good business practice but compliance.

Complaint Management System (CMSBro)- The easiest way to track and respond to customer complaints. Quickly record new complaints,assign ownership,record your notes, send emails, attach files and reports send emails, attach file report and real time results. Complaints are easily input through the use of drop down menus,auto‚Äźfill features and logical validations with ERP integration proving its value where needed.

  • Complaint Registration
  • Maintain Complaint History
  • Complaint Escalation for Fast Resolution
  • Complaint Resolution
  • Maintain case studies for the selected resolution
  • Case study search
  • SMS and email generation
  • Graphical Reports
  • Specific alerts for escalation with email
These are customised applications/ modules for personalized needs.
Hence, we would like to give you personal attention serve your custom needs.

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